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USA Softball Minnesota Umpires

USA Softball Minnesota Umpire Registration

ASA Umpire Apparel

Q: Can our umpires wear ASA branded uniform items in 2017 and beyond outside National Championships?

A: Short answer is Yes – This is a Local Association decision. We want umpires to be able to use ASA branded items as long as possible. The final decision will be left to the Local Association when to make the transition to USA Softball branded items. However we would like a transition to the new USA Softball logo sometime after 2017.

Q: Will USA Softball branded umpire uniform items be required at 2017 National Championships?

A: 2017 - They will NOT be required, but acceptable if the umpires on the field are dressed the same. 2018 - They will NOT be required, but acceptable if the umpires on the field are dressed the same. 2019 - They will NOT be required, but acceptable if the umpires on the field are dressed the same. 2020 - The USA Softball branded umpire uniforms will be mandatory at National Championships.

Q: Will ASA branded merchandise be available after December 31, 2016?

A: Possibly - No new ASA branded merchandise is being ordered. Once remaining inventory is gone there will be no more available from

Q: When will new USA Softball umpire uniform items be available?

A: New merchandise is scheduled to arrive mid-December 2016 in anticipation of those Local Associations that have clinics and schools in January.

Q: Can umpires mix and match USA Softball and ASA umpire uniform items?

A: Local Associations will determine what the uniform expectations will be for their umpires. Mixing the USA Softball and ASA branded uniform items at National Championships will Not be acceptable.

Immediate Price Reductions from


  • #130 P-Blue Polo’s $10.00
  • #140 Navy Polo’s $10.00
  • #230 P-Blue Polo’s $10.00
  • #240 Navy Polo’s $10.00
  • #250 Pink Polo’s $10.00
  • #160 P-Blue LS $10.00
  • #170 Navy LS $10.00
  • #1005 Navy T-Shirt $ 9.00
  • #1006 White T-Shirt $ 9.00
  • #1007 White Mock $10.00
  • #1008 Navy Mock $10.00
  • #150 Navy UA/ASA $12.00
  • #152 White UA/ASA $12.00
  • #2001 Jacket all sizes $25.00
  • All ASA Caps $ 5.00

To view the products and to purchase please go to:

ASA Umpire Program

The ASA umpire program is among the nation's largest officiating organizations with over 35,000 officials actively involved each year. ASA officials are nationally recognized as the best trained and proficient in the sport and are involved in competition starting with league play, city, state and national championships. Ultimately, ASA umpires could officiate events such as world championship, Pan American and Olympic competitions.

The ASA annually hosts local, state and national umpire clinics which literally blanket the nation and bring the best instruction available in the sport to every region. Over the last decade, the Amateur Softball Association's umpire program has become an innovator in the production of quality training materials. When a clinic is not available - videos, books, slides and other instructional aids allow instruction to continue. Visit as a one stop shop for all your ASA Umpire Apparel and Equipment needs.

If you would like to umpire ASA softball games this summer you will need to complete a few tasks.


  1. Register with Minnesota ASA (Once this is completed you will be invoiced with options to pay via cash, check or charge)
  2. ASA Umpire Examination for Fast Pitch or ASA Umpire Examination for Slow Pitch
  3. Complete Minnesota Concussion Training (Not required for Adult Slow Pitch Only Umpires)
  4. Attend one of the Umpire Clinics (MANDATORY) listed below or an ASA National Umpire School or the Minnesota ASA State Umpire School.

*Note Adult aged umpire fee is $70. Youth umpires (kids that actually umpire) pay a fee of $50.

Once you have completed these tasks you are eligible to umpire USA Softball in Minnesota for every discipline including slow pitch.

2016 Official Rules of Softball Mobile App available

The Amateur Softball Association, the National Governing Body of Softball in the United States recently launched its 2013 version of the Official Rules of Softball in an online mobile platform. Available for purchase for $4.95 for an annual subscription, the searchable application is available for all iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Androids, Windows phones, and tablet users. This app does not replace the ASA Rulebook.

CLICK here to for a visual photo demonstration of the new RULES APPLICATION via Mobile Devices

From any of the mobile devices listed above, visit and you will be directed to ASA’s mobile site where the first table item listed is the OFFICIAL RULES APPLICATION link. Click there to begin the process to purchase.

Designed using feedback from the ASA community and ASA Umpires, the new mobile rules app provides a searchable engine of the 2013 version of the Official Rules of Softball. Also listed are common key words found in the rulebook to serve as a guide to the user to search the necessary rule or rule reference.

“On behalf of the ASA, we are thrilled to be launching this new product to all ASA participants and umpires,” said ASA Supervisor of Umpires Kevin Ryan. “While this does not replace the printed version of the rulebook, it serves as another way to communicate our rules and message to the always evolving mobile user participant of our game. Our designated task force who has been evaluating the service for months feels this will help educate all levels of play and continue to teach all ages the rules of softball.”

Umpire Insurance Coverage for other Sports

ASA offers insurance to umpires that officiate other sports. As an ASA Registered Umpire, you receive many benefits of membership, including liability and accident insurance to cover you when you are performing your duties as an ASA umpire.

Many ASA umpires also officiate other sports, where insurance may not be provided or may be very expensive.

As a benefit of ASA membership, ASA Umpire Associations can purchase liability and accident insurance at a very reasonable cost to protect their umpires when officiating other sports. The ASA has arranged through Bollinger and Markel Insurance Company to offer this insurance package exclusively to ASA umpires for just $22 per umpire.

This offer is only available to currently registered ASA Umpires and must be purchased through your state, metro or local ASA Umpire Association. This plan is underwritten by Markel Insurance Company, Rated A by A.M. Best.

Tom Keller

Tom Keller

USA Softball Minnesota State UIC

Phone: (320) 333-3262

Keith Cook

Keith Cook

USA Softball Minnesota Fastpitch UIC

Phone: (651) 248-2389