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    Minnesota ASA Breaking News

    More economic impact coming to the Rochester area through RASC and ASA.

    Every fall communities from across the country attend the ASA National Council Meeting. This year happens to be our 83rd and will be held in Reno, NV on November 8-14.

    Rochester Amateur Sports Commission (RASC) bid on the following tournaments: 12-Under A, 12-Under B, and 18-Under A Girls' Fast Pitch Northern Nationals. They will be awarded these tournaments next week at ASA National Council. Congratulations on sweeping all three bids.

    RASC has hosted all of these events before. In 2012 they attracted seven 12A teams, 29 12B teams, and 41 18A teams for a total of 77 teams. Needless to say, every hotel and restaurant in Rochester will be packed for those five days in 2016.

    Next year RASC will host 12A ASA Northern and 12B ASA Northern.

    We are so lucky to have great partners like RASC, Rochester Softball Association (RSA), and Rochester Youth Fastpitch Softball Association. Without their help we would not be able to attract such great events to our state.

    Stay up to date with all things to do with Rochester and softball at the links below.

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    Dan Pfeffer

    Dan Pfeffer

    Minnesota Commissioner

    Phone: (952) 250-3393

    Tom Bye

    Tom Bye

    Minnesota JO Commissioner

    Phone: (651) 270-0219

    Tom Keller

    Tom Keller

    Minnesota State UIC

    Phone: (320) 333-3262

    Keith Cook

    Keith Cook

    Minnesota State JO UIC

    Phone: (651) 248-2389