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    Attention All League Directors

    By admin 01/03/2017, 5:15pm CST

    The best value in softball in Minnesota.

    USA Softball only charge $15 per team for a registration fee. The $15 fee gets each of your teams a 2017 scorebook and rulebook.

    We have grown our youth and adult team registration numbers every year for five years. 

    Our State Tournaments are the largest in the state.

    • 245 teams played in our adult slow pitch state tournaments last season.
    • 1206 teams played in our girls' fast pitch state tournaments last year.
    • Nearly 4,000 teams registered with USA Softball Minnesota last year.
    • 581 umpires registered with USA Softball Minnesota, 64 of those were youth aged umpires.

    Our insurance is second to none.

    We offer you free league management software on this website complete with standings, team pages, and many other easy to create website features.

    We offer a complete package of national softball tournaments across the country that are affordable and have enough events that there is something for every skill level and every financial commitment.

    We (Minnesota) are affiliated with NAFA Youth and World Softball League. The also offer national tournaments.

    What USA Softball Minnesota does not do is upcharge you for missing a meeting or with late fees. If you are willing to commit to us, we are committed to you. The team registration is $15.

    Give USA Softball Minnesota a try. We have the biggest state tournaments and are the best value for a reason!

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    USA Softball Contacts

    Dan Pfeffer

    Dan Pfeffer

    Minnesota Commissioner

    Phone: (952) 250-3393

    Tom Bye

    Tom Bye

    Minnesota JO Commissioner

    Phone: (651) 270-0219

    Tom Keller

    Tom Keller

    Minnesota State UIC

    Phone: (320) 333-3262

    Keith Cook

    Keith Cook

    Minnesota Fastpitch UIC

    Phone: (651) 248-2389

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